A Representation of George Pooley as a Music Playlist

I find talking about music in any capacity to be incredibly difficult. In comparison to say, film and art, which have played a much larger role in my life than music. I have very little knowledge on the ins and outs of the music industry and the production process. But when I saw that other contributors to this website had given it their best shot to describe themselves through a music playlist, I couldn’t resist a challenge…

I wanted my playlist to reflect both elements of my character and my reactions to certain events in my life. Trying to capture moods and opinions was of key importance to me. Hopefully you won’t read too much into some of my choices especially as the subject matter of many of the songs may make it seem like I’m a bit of a weirdo. I also wanted to share some things which I think sound pretty kickass (which you’ve likely heard before (remember I sort of suck when it comes to music)) and hopefully will brighten up your day when you hear them.

I decided to open my playlist with the opening track of Paul Weller’s ‘Stanley Road’. Paul Weller is an artist who seemingly bucks the trend of my being uninterested in music. Despite saying I’m not really into music I’ve been to around 20 Paul Weller concerts with my Dad and his gang of Mod revivalists. He really had to play a part in my personal playlist, he also reappears in The Jam’s ‘Butterfly Collector’. I also included my favourite Beatles track, and an awesome hippie track in the form of ‘Magic Carpet Ride’. The rest of the tracks are mostly songs which I really like the sound of and have a great beat and tempo to them. These songs really represent what I like when it comes to music and that’s something that can be enjoyed by a large group and something that’s great to dance to. I also included two bonus tracks at the end which represent two of my favourite songs created specifically for films. I hope you enjoy listening to my concoction. I’d also like to thank Sammi Nock for helping me come up with the last seven songs.

1. Paul Weller-  The Changingman

2. The Jam- The Butterfly Collector

3. The Beatles- I’m Looking Through You

4. Steppenwolf- Magic Carpet Ride

5. Kirby Krackle- Dusty Cartridges and Long Boxes

6. Jimi Hendrix- Foxy Lady

7. Booker T. and the M.G.s- Green Onions

8. Huey Lewis and the News- Hip to be Square

9. Kaiser Chiefs- Never Miss a Beat

10. The Stranglers- Peaches

Bonus Tracks 

11. Alan Silvestri- The Star Spangled Man

12. Carly Simon- Nobody Does it Better


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