Pints of Cake is a name that grew into an idea, that then grew into this collective. It all started with a simple request from Bambi Willow to a group of art students asking “Pub Crawl or Pud Crawl?” Answered with the what Paisley thought was a witty response of “How about Pints of Cake!?”

With this was born an obscure name that met with an idea of creating a large creative blog like site that would bring together a collective of Artists, Writers, Illustrators, Filmmakers and other creatives. And with them bring their own personal twist and style creating a varied and different look at pop and art culture today.

With the name and aims of the site we have brought together content under the idea of taking something familiar (like Cake) and placing it in an unfamiliar way or measurement (like a Pint). We are not just creatives obsessed with cake and pints!

Bit of Cake history

The name was founded in Sept 2013 at which the plans and idea began leading up to the launch of the Pints of Cake Facebook and Twitter pages on the 3rd Sept 2014. After that the project was successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter between the dates of 3rd Oct 2014 – 2nd Nov 2014 almost doubling its target. Through this success, pintsofcake.com was launched on the 5th Nov 2014 with a starting team of 20 contributors and continues adding new and creative content today. All of which concludes the journey so far of how cake met a pint and formed an online creative magazine.